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DJ Karaba Releases Captivating new single ‘Nostalgie’

Montreal-based French-Congolese producer DJ Karaba is igniting the summer with her electrifying international performances and exuberant energy. The talented artist has recently shared her highly anticipated second single, “Nostalgie,” which is part of her upcoming EP, “Souvenirs,” set to be released on August 11. Accompanying the soul-stirring track is a mesmerising video that showcases the vivacity of Karaba’s live performances.

“Nostalgie” is a captivating fusion of smooth jazz instrumentation and rumba, creating a captivating musical landscape that sets the stage for the enchanting horns to take centre stage. The single is a beautiful amalgamation of the nostalgic sounds that Karaba cherished during her childhood and a modern electronic afrobeats flair, serving as a tribute to her Congolese ancestors.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, Karaba shares, “This song is a celebration of my African roots, particularly a way to honor my Congolese ancestors. The music my father played for us during our childhood always filled me with immense joy. Whenever we drove around in the car, he would play this type of music—ndombolo, soukous, congolese rumba, etc.—creating a sense of escape and happiness for our family.”

The “Souvenirs” EP, drops on 8/11 and encapsulates the essence of summer through a nostalgic lens that transcends traditional genres. Drawing influences from jazz, soul, reggae, afrobeat, and more, Karaba weaves vibrant soundscapes deeply rooted in her Congolese heritage, making her music a delightful fusion of movement and multicultural sonic brilliance. Pre-save available HERE.

With her magnetic energy and diverse sound, DJ Karaba leaves an indelible mark on listeners’ hearts, creating intimate and euphoric experiences that resonate with her global fanbase. Her music uplifts and inspires, promising an unforgettable live experience for those fortunate enough to catch her on her international tour.

Stream and watch “Nostalgie” to get a taste of her musical prowess and pre-save the EP “Souvenirs” for an upcoming journey into the heart of her Congolese heritage.


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