Born in Grenoble, France, Karaba and her family made Montreal their home in the late 90s. Growing up with a Congolese father and a French-Italian mother, she has been enriched by her families cultures, surrounded by an eclectic musical environment. This entail, made it clear from a young age that Karaba had an artistic soul. At the age of 7, her artistic soul guided her to find her first passion, where she learned to express herself through dance. Her natural ability with dance was only made better by the many teachers she trained under  who eventually inspired her to follow her dreams. Those dreams lead her to Los Angeles, California where Karaba's dance career flourished and her dance goals were conquered. However, one thing remained, she had something special that distinguished herself among her peers. Her love for music as well as an incredible ear for the most unique sounds/music out there, motivated herself to pursue her newest passion, to become a DJ/Music Producer. 


During her time in L.A., Karaba attended full time, The Scratch DJ Academy. Within no time, Karaba started to get invit­ed to mix at many prestigious and glamorous events in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Her energy has proven itself to radiate through every room, uplifting attendees and creating a unique, euphoric experience. Karaba's unique and festive sound has proven itself to leave everyone begging for more. It's no surprise that Elle Quebec Magazine made her part of their top 10 rising stars. 



In 2014, she moved to Los Angeles where she toured the world with Camilla Cabello, Drake, Selena Gomez & Chris Brown.

Inspired by her Congolese father, Karaba's sound is influenced by her African roots, tainted by urban flavours